2018 KOH Week Series Points

Points for all KOH Week ULTRA4 races have been assigned.

Click here for a full description of how points are assigned. 

2/3 of the race for UTV and EMC was Checkpoint RM 81. 
2/3 of the KOH Race was successful completion of 2 laps.

Points for those drivers that did not finish the race but did completle 2/3 of the course were assigned based upon the adjusted total time it took the driver complete a last known check point on course.  For those drivers that did not complete 2/3 of the race, points were assigned based upon the last checkpoint reached, regardless of time. 

Checkpoint locations were as follows: 

Lap 1

  • Leaving Cougar Buttes
  • Exiting Remote Pit 1
  • Start/Finish

Lap 2

  • RM 81
  • Sledge
  • RM 97 
  • RM 118
  • Start/Finish

Lap 3 (for 4400s only)
Same as Lap 2 

Links to all points below.