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  • Dave Cole
    Executive Director | Ph. 844-590-1234
    Dave is one of the founders of King of The Hammers. He is an off road enthusiast, land use advocate, racer and the executive director of HammerKing Productions, the organization behind King of The Hammers. Those interested in partnership or racing opportunities should contact Dave.
  • Ryan Thomas
    President | Ph. 844-590-1234
    Ryan has worked and lived in the Off Road Industry his entire life beginning as a boy when his father purchased Chenowth Racing Products in 1979. Ryan also served as the Director of Wide Open Baja in Cabo San Lucas for 10 years as well as time at Jackson Motorsports. His love for Off Road naturally led to racing and he was successful in the driver’s seat as well, winning five Baja 1000 titles.
  • Roxy Foster
    Director of Merchandise | Ph. 844-590-1234
    Roxy has been part of King of The Hammers since the beginning! If you have questions about merchandise, the online store or Bureau of Land Management Permits for King of the Hammers, please contact Roxy.
  • Tiara Hunter
    Chief of Staff | Ph. 844-590-1234
    Tiara is passionate about helping others through her position as Chief of Staff and adds fun to our sport as Flag Girl. Tiara has a college background focused on Visual Communications and Business, and has an accomplished, successful career in business and people management, development and team culture since 2001. Her extensive background in off-road guiding, racing, crew and event management since 2013 are utilized daily in her role. Anyone interested in becoming a KOH sponsor or vendor, or to discuss new Hammerking Productions business partnerships or proposals should contact Tiara.
  • Courtney Prost
    Communication Manager | Ph. 844-590-1234
    Courtney has an accomplished background working across all aspects of marketing, communications, partnerships, production and event management. Her background includes working in professional sports such as: the AHL (NHL), NBA and Motorsports, beginning with Bark River Int. Raceway (TORC/Lucas/Champ). Courtney is the Series Director for Johnny Greaves’ SXS Series, in addition to being part of Ultra4’s core staff. Growing up in the Midwest, Courtney was on wheels before she was walking like many of us, which contributed to her love of the sport. Those interested in communications/media, registration, events and special projects should contact Courtney.
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