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Alex McNeil

Drivers Bio: 
Part of True North Racing, a 4 car race team out of western Canada (along with 4901 Sheldon Haynes, 4674 Damien Lafontaine, and 475 Kurtis Morris). I have been racing EMC since 2015 and also participate in U4 North and Punisher short course racing in Alberta. Best EMC performance was 2019 where we finished second overall. I am a Mining engineer by training, I have a wonderful wife Lori, and two beautiful kids, Noah and Anna. I have been building jeeps and wheeling for about 15 years as a hobby/passion. True North Racing started in 2014 with the intent to race the EMC in 2015. We purchased this (formerly yellow) ZJ from Erik Miller in and have been racing it ever since. It is the OG car for the team, with this year being it's 7th EMC with me driving.

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