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Kimberly Sparrow

Drivers Bio: 
One of few female racers and driver of the OG 872 car in 4800 aka, #wasabi. 2022 is her 10th(!) season of racing, I have been driving her since 2017 when I took her over from my husband and he purchased a new chassis. We do all of our own maintenance and work, our friends help in areas we don't know such as transmissions and engine tuning. Sparrow Motorsports is truly a hometown, blood sweat and tears team! When not racing we train and show paint horses all over the country with the same attitude we apply to racing, 'if we don't know how to do something we will learn!' I Co-drive for my husband in the #72 Sparrow Motorsports 4400 car we call Ginger. I have gained most of my racing experience by jumping in with both feet , starting as a Dirt Riot competitor and working my way into Ultra4 level competition. I love the regional races truly enjoy improving every race. We work proudly with Yokohama tires, Yukon Gear and Axle, Warn, Factor55, Raceline Wheels, Be Cool Radiators, Redline Oil, Barnes 4wd. See you on course!

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