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Chris McDaniel

Drivers Bio: 
Father and son team out of Pea ridge Arkansas. I grew up racing motorcycles, mainly hair-scramblers, and with age comes a cage. I am married to a wonderful wife, that if it weren't for her help and support I couldn't do this. My co-driver and back up driver, which is my son David McDaniel who also grew up racing motorcycles and four wheelers, helps keep me on track sunny side up. Together we have been racing utvs for 3 years, mainly endurance racing, but some short course racing. Our first year out at KOH in 2019 we broke on outer limits, KOH wasn’t so nice to us in 2020, but 2021 we plan to conquer KOH. . SPONSORS: Arco Excavation and Paving, Centerpoint contractors, CSM farms,

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