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Chris Brown

Chris has been an off-road advocate for over 25 years! He has raced in KOH since 2017. Chris ran the Ultra4 and NorCal series since 2017. He finished the long courses at Ridgecrest in 2018 and King of Baja in 2019. He started his racing career in CalRocks in 2015. Chris was also a volunteer for Top Truck, in Hollister Hills for many years. He worked recovery and their course pre-runs. His sponsors include: ORI Struts, Edelbrock, Southbay Driveline, Vision Wheels, Interco Tires, EM West, Yukon Axle and Gears, RuffStuff Specialties, AEM, and Amsoil. He continually upgrades the rig, making it better each year! Our big change this year is upgraded 16 inch ORI Struts. This, with their Level-It system, is giving us a great ride! We are excited to always have ORI and The Jensen Bros join us at KOH to tune the struts personally and then join us at the pits each year! Another major change this year is we widened the Axles to 73 inches with the EM West Ultimate Dana 60 and Spider Trax outer Knuckles. This is our second year running the Edelbrock ProFlo4 EFI system and a the Edelbrock engine we upgraded to last year! We changed our color from the lime green to Red, to represent Edelbrock. We continue to run our Interco Tires and Vision Wheels. Our driveline is from Southbay Driveline, best in the business. We are running the AEM performance Dash. We also have an air compressor for the lockers from Yukon Gear and Axel.

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