Chris Brown

Drivers Bio: 
Chris has been an off-road advocate for over 25 years! He has raced in KOH since 2017. This year he’s excited to run the Edelbrock ProFlo4 EFI system and a brand new Edelbrock engine! We changed our color from the lime green to Red, to represent Edelbrock. Mike Fought will step into the co-driver seat for KOH2020. He has both driven and co-driven for KOH for the last several year. He’s a officer In the Navy. A solid fit for our team. We are running Interco Tires and Vision Wheels. We have ORI Struts, and they join us at the pits for support each year! Our driveline is from Southbay Driveline. We are running the AEM performance Dash. We are also have our new air compressor for the lockers from Yukon Gear and Axel. Our other sponsors include RuffStuff, Amsoil, Hi-Lift Jacks. Chris ran the Ultra4 and NorCal series since 2017. He had a solid finish at Ridgecrest in 2018 and in the King of Baja in 2019. He started his racing career in CalRocks. Chris was also a volunteer for Top Truck, in Hollister Hills for many years. He worked with their recovery team as well as helped with some of the pre-runs. His sponsors include: Edelbrock, ORI Struts, Southbay Driveline, Interco Tires, EM West, Yukon Axels and Gears, RuffStuff Specialties and Amsoil, Vision Wheels, and AEM.

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