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Donnie C Kehlenbeck

Drivers Bio: 
**Miles - my last name is pronounced Keh - len - beck** Born and raised in Texas, live and work in Houston (Cypress area). Lost hearing at 1.5 years of age to Meningitis, and have had a Cochlear Implant from Cochlear Americas for the last 18 years or so. Thanks to the technology, great parents and teachers, I am able to hear and talk very well to the point that most people do not realize the severity of my hearing disability - without my implant I have over 98% hearing loss in both ears. We campaigned the 4909 UTV in 2019, racing KOH & Crossbar and for 2020 we built a 1991 Jeep Comanche in 4 months and raced at KOH, Teardown in TN where we finished 2nd, and Ultra4 Nationals at Crossbar Ranch. We're excited to use the lessons learned from the 2020 season for an even better 2021 Ultra4 race season with the Manche. Follow us on Instagram at !!

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