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Derek West

Derek West has 18 years of professional off road racing experience Derek got his first Jeep CJ at 15, that he built and recreationally wheeled for years. Then in 2001 Derek came across NeuRoc & CalRocs, rock crawling series’ which were held in the Midwest close to Derek’s hometown of Springfield, MO. He got a couple friends together that were interested in off roading to start a team “Crush Motorsports” and took his wife’s daily driver, a 1993 Jeep YJ and converted it into a off road rock crawler to start competing across the Midwest. Derek had an amazing talent for rock crawling and woods racing, in which he quickly made a name for himself in the off road community. To make a long story short, it has turned into this crazy Off Road Race life, which takes us all over the country. The sport evolved into WE Rock and the XRRA series that introduced racing fast, technical, timed short courses. It also started bringing larger sponsors into the sport, more media coverage, more fans, and evolved into the professional sport of where we are today with event such as- Ultra 4, King of the Hammers, Pro Rock & Outlaw Off Road Racing Series. Derek dominated in his years in rock crawling and rock racing, this created an opportunity to evolve with the sport and be a part of one of the top sponsored teams in off road. and has created amazing relationships within the industry. He continues to be innovative in this fast growing sport by using quality products & developing partnerships with companies that are looking for an excellent outlet to advertise and test their products. Derek was born and raised in the Midwest. He and his wife, Ashley & daughter, London live in Springfield, Missouri where they own & operate Solar Energy Services. They enjoy traveling, going to the lake, and watching London's club volleyball games/activities. Derek and his c0-driver, David Fox & team have won many Ultra 4 Races and podium finishes, Series Championships, National Titles, and he has finished King of the Hammers 8 of the 11 times he has raced it since 2009 ( 3rd, 4th, (2) 5th’s, (2) 6th’s, 18th, 32nd) He also had the opportunity in 2016 to race the Ultra 4 Wales, UK. 2 time Series Champion of Outlaw Off Road Race Series Pro Rock Rack to Riches Champion 2017 & 2018. His love for the off road community and sport drives Derek to be successful and continue to be a top competitor. “It takes great sponsors with quality products, to make top race teams!”

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