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Daniel May-Applegate

Daniel (May-Applegate) Founder of GMR, Daniel started this team while living in NYC. He is an Entrepreneur working in the photo and film world along with operating a media company specializing in small business marketing. he also operates a firework company seasonally. He now lives in Cumming GA and commutes to NY every few month for work.. He has two beautiful kids Byron 6.5yrs comes to almost every race and helps in the pits. And Genevieve 3.5yrs she will come to more races this season 2022. His wife Danielle is a Nurse Manager bikini body builder and downright badass. Daniel loves his family more than anything! About the team Co-driver is Connoer Bestwick. Army Ranger and business owner. Gnarly Bs bikes in Colorado Springs. (Also Daniels brother in law.) Crew Chief is Jermey Nash an accomplished electrical engineer Main engineer is Devon. Also a very accomplished electrical engineer for Seagate. The rest of the team is made up of close friends and family that have been supporting this adventure and team since the beginning in 2018. Daniel is a Competitive person, always pushing for the win. Has 20yrs wheeling experience and is always ready to lean something new and take risks. Things to know about Daniel Check out @gearmonkeyracing on instagram 10,700+ followers He has an Art Administration Degree... what is that? (Business for the art world) Built his first jeep when he was 14 after his dad and uncle took him wheeling for the first time in the rocky mountains. He runs Marathons He played Ice Hockey from the age of 5-current. had the chance to play juniors but went to school instead He used to rock climb competitively now just for fun He grew up in Colorado Springs

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