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Jeremy Brown

Drivers Bio: 
Have you ever had a dream or a goal too large or outlandish to accomplish? This is an attribute that the whole Brown’s Motorsports team possess. The team has raced in racing circuits such as, Ultra4 Racing, Nor Cal Rock Racing, and Best in the Desert since 2017, formerly known as Brown’s Racing. Jeremy’s first time around racing he knew he had to have very humble goals. He knew as first-time racers it was going to be difficult to make a podium finish. This time around it’s sure to be very different with a new co-driver and car to race. Jeremy and Jack believe that if you’re not first, you’re last. Be prepared for car and team #50 to go harder than ever before! Driver Jeremy Brown first experienced the thrill of the off-road world at age 10 where he started with quads and dirt-bikes, which quickly led him to getting a sand rail and exploring the sand sport world. This is where he got the itch for being on the edge. Being that the sand sport is seasonal, he eventually got a Jeep to satisfy his need for the outdoors and the adventure of a thrill ride. His love for this new sport grew to the point that he and his family are now avid wheelers. Both kids, Josh and Jaime, have their own Jeeps and have wheeled numerous trails since they were little. When on a trail Jeremy would always be the guy that would try the hardest lines to test his abilities as well as the ability of the machine he was driving. Jeremy found his love for racing in 2012 while spectating The King of the Hammers. Jeremy went on to race his first KOH in 2017 where he finished just minutes outside the allotted timeframe, making him that year’s first-unofficial-finisher. Since then, Jeremy has raced multiple complete Ultra4 series (including 3 Hammers), Nor Cal Rock Racing series, and the Mint 400 desert race. After a brief break from racing, Jeremy is back with a new car, new codriver, and a new hunger for the podium!

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