Mike Miller

Drivers Bio: 
Land Development by trade, a literal lifetime of being in the dirt. Previous to Ultra 4, District 36 Rider focused primarily on Enduros and Cross Country. As they say, with age comes the cage. 2020 is our second season in ultra 4 for the Miller's Garage Racing Team. 2019 KOH 4507 suffered a catastrophic failure at mile 111, but the team was able to assemble the car together enough to return to Hammertown under it's own power. 2019 Ultra 4 Race season was cut short by an out of control competitor wrecking 4507 at Stampede just after the checkered flag. After recovering from a traumatic brain injury, Miller and the team were proud to attend all remaining races for the season, pitting and supporting competitors and friends. During the down time last season Miller's Garage Racing worked on the race program, improving from what we've learned. We're back for KOH 2020 and the entire Ultra 4 Race season with a 90% new car fully prepared and ready to race! We'd like to thank our Partners for all the support and teamwork getting us here. Best Line Racing Coyote Enterprises Hunter's 4X4 Raceline Wheels sPod Baja Designs CBR Performance Yukon Gear & Axle Agan Fab Works Fastenal Wide Open Designs Monster Hooks

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