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Gina Guccione

Drivers Bio: 
Bought my first Jeep, 12JK Glossy black, 5-3-12. Immediately got bit by the bug the first time I took her offroad 5-26-12, and I've never been wheeling before. It was heaven, pure adrenaline, outdoor adventure, everything awesome in life. I found my PASSION. Every weekend was spent at a different Offroad Park and we are very fortunate to have more than a few! There was one called "Washita" that everyone would say "you can't go there it's for big boys" ummmmm challenge accepted. Within 2 months I not only made my way to Washita, our group made it to the top. It's the highest point in MO. That's where my love of rocks came in. Desert style racing is completely new to me, I've never wheeled in sand, a rookie looking for the time of her life, offroad style and King of the Hammers has it. This IS the most amazing adventure I've ever been on, and it just keeps getting better. I've only been in 2 offroad competitions, one at SHERock at Hannibal Rocks and the other in upstate New York for the Jeep Girl Tough Challenge. I took home a trophy in both. I'm sure this competition is completely different and that makes it even better, the anticipation of the unknown.

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