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Ryan Rockhold

Drivers Bio: 
I'm Ryan Rockhold I started my pro debute in 2017 won my first pro class race in Vernal, Ut Dirt Riot Mountain Series. We raced Colorado Springs and Sturgis ND and took second in the Mountain Series over all points. 2018 We started the year off in Laredo, Tx qualified fourth and took second place finish for Central Series points. In Mason, Tx a Central Series Race qualified first with a bunch of problems starting with bad race fuel we won first place. While hard pressed as it was it was still a great race. Then Boonesville, Arkansas we took first place ending Central Series. We traveled to Tucson Arizona for a Southwest Series race we ended up in fourth place. We qualified first went through two belts one tire change dropping us to 11th but the team and I fought through it all pulling out that 4th.   After the southwest series Race we ended up in Vernal Utah where I Qualified first had a great start but ended up break motor mounts which rendered the car in operable. In Colorado Springs, Co that was a combined Central and Southwest Series we went through another belt and still took second place. Then Rampage Nationals in Colorado Springs after qualifying second we ended up blowing another belt but we stil managed to pull out another first place finish. The team and I won overall Central series overall points Second in Southwest series overall points  Fourth place in Mountain Series  And took first in National overall Points 

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