Ryan Edwards

Drivers Bio: 
My name is Ryan I was born as raised In a small town right out side Chattanooga TN. I’m married with 2boys and one girl, I have the best friends and family you could Ask for. I started racing and trail riding at a young age and anything I got that had a motor I wouldn’t to race it! I also love metal fab and be a mechanic I’m a weld and Diesel mechanic by trade so when the chance came to race ultra 4 I jump all over it! What could be better then going out and winning in something you and your family/friends help you build with your own hands?! It’s a lost art now days or unheard of to race a car that was build in your home garage or shop. I wanted to race the 4800 class bc of the way the rules are, it’s a drivers class not how much money do I have class. We plan on build this buggy and making new friends and having fun trading a little paint

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