Jon Schaefer

Drivers Bio: 
I own an offroad shop in Alabama that specializes in Jeep JKs. We build and install GM LS V8 conversion kits for them. Growing up in Ohio, I raced snowmobiles, modifying everything I could get my hands on. Once I moved to the South, I had to give up the snowmobiles and dove head first into Jeeps. My first KOH experience was 2017 helping Savvy offroad tune and repair their cars. After a few years helping Savvy in the pits, I was offered a chance to purchase one of their 4600 cars and haven't looked back since. KOH 2019 was my first time in the JK and the first time racing KOH. I was on pace to win, had 45 minute lead toward the end of the race and had a mechanical issue. We pushed it as far as we could, unfortunately we were never able to cross the finish line. From that point on, I vowed to finish every race and go for the national championship. For 2019 we ended up East Coast Regional Champs and 2nd overall in the National points. So far in the covid 2020 season we had a great run at KOH, we set the pole and were leading our class in the rocks once again when a fan gremlin struck. We pushed the limits on the little Jk 3.6, running it at 240 degrees and stopping when we had to. We caught the pack at chocolate thunder when they decided to all pile up on each other and this gave me a minute to repair the fan system. From there we cleared the pack but were too far behind to catch the race leader and ended up in 2nd place. With Tennessee and the Nationals left for this season we will be pushing for a national championship.

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