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Ryan Stambaugh

Drivers Bio: 
Ryan Stambaugh, hails from the far reaches of the great white north, and is a self proclaimed “Big Deal” in a small community where penguins and polar bears struggle to establish dominance over humans. Ryan started his off road racing career in Canada with the Punisher Racing Series that transitioned into Ultra4 North Series. From there Ryan has participated in numerous professional races never finishing anywhere close to the podium. According to Ryan he is Fast AF unless someone is faster than him... then he is second fastest or 3rd or somewhere back in the pack. Although Ryan lacks skill, ability and talent when it comes to racing he makes up for it with his mediocre looks and personality. Ryan looks forward to continuing on his racing career and one day hopes that he can overcome his lack of skill and talent and one day be lucky... and podium by default! “If they don’t see you as a threat lap 1, maybe they will see you as a trail plug on lap 2” ~ Ryan Stambaugh pilot of the 22 Car.

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