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Scott Durkin

Drivers Bio: 
I've been off-roading for 20 years but really got into rock crawling 9 years ago when I bought my 2006 Jeep LJ Rubicon and moved up to Big Bear. Once I started rock crawling I was hooked. I just wanted to run harder and harder trails. That brought me to Johnson Valley's Hammers. The first time I attended The King of the Hammers race was in 201. It was the first time i drove any of the Hammer trails, laid my eyes on Backdoor, and was introduced to the world of Ultra4. After the race a few friends of mine and I started a race team Big Bear Offload Racing and we built a 4600 EMC car which we raced in 2012. The fallowing year the driver bought a 4400 class car which I helped pit. I held the position of Crew Chief for BBOR in 2016 and 2017. I relinquish my position after the 2017 KOH because I was starting a new Ultra4 inspired Jeep build I call The Trail Reaper ( @thetrailreaper ). With the support of several companies, a pile of my money invested, and finding the perfect fabrication shop, the build started February 20th 2017. For the next 4 months I basically lived at Camp Rock Fabrication with those guys helping build The Trail Reaper. Those of you that have done an extensive build know what I'm mean when I say we bonded in blood, sweat, and tears. That's how I got offered the co-drivers seat in the Camp Rock Fab EMC car. Be sure to stop by the Fuel Off Road booth to check out The Trail Reaper build in Hammer town.

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