Kristian Thordarson

Drivers Bio: 
My addiction to the off-road world started back in about 2010 when I helped a buddy start building his crawler under a lean-to off of his house. Not long after I bought a mildly modified '98 TJ. That lasted about a year and instead of upgrading it chose to buy the old '97 TJ Project Recycle from John Herrick at CRAWL magazine thinking that would be enough. With the dream of someday racing at KOH the TJ went under the knife to build it to run in the 4500 class. After about a year and a half of work it became apparent that it wasn't going to be a competitive rig at KOH. Then one of the old Jimmy's 4x4 spec cars went up for sale and for the last 6+ months my co-driver Carl McCulloch and some other great friends have been getting it prepped to race in KOH, our first Ultra4 race! I'm very lucky to have the support of my beautiful wife who thinks I'm crazy for doing this but supports me anyway even though she has the task of taking care of two young boys while I'm gone for a week.

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