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Matt Thorson

Drivers Bio: 
Been off roading for over 33 years. Competed and won Top Truck Challenge in 2007. Was invited back to the Champions challenge in 2012, I built my new rig with KOH in mind, knowing I have always wanted to compete on their level. When I am not wheeling I am running a custom off road shop located in Santa Rosa, California, Thorsons Off-Road. Have been competing in Ultra4 Racing since 2015, and it has been quite the adventure! Finished 16th in the Rampage At Ridgecrest 2019 Voted #9 Most Iconic Vehicle in Ultra4 Racing Recently started competing in Mountain Havoc Events. Big buggy style competition, most rigs are on 54" Tires or bigger! Placed 2nd in our second event, North West Off Road Rage.

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