Edwin Abd

Drivers Bio: 
Racing Ultra 4 has been a dream of mine since I came to my very first Ultra 4 race is 2009 and helped pit for Randy Slawson and Richard Gauthier. In 2016, I was able to purchase a formally raced Ultra 4 rig from Jim Lambert, and the dream became a reality. I am now racing a 2014 Fishmouth Fabworks chassis. Fueld by passion for the sport, and support of family, friends, and sponors, we’re proud to be a part of the Ultra 4 family. Big thanks to my wife and 4 kids for continued support and making it to all my races, and also thanks to all my sponsors for helping out along the way and making a dream a reality. Couldn’t say thanks enough. Aside from racing, I am also a property committee member for the Rubicon Trail Foundation, Board member for Friends of Fordyce, and founder of the Placer County Crawlers.

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