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Chris Ashton

Drivers Bio: 
24 Years active duty Navy. I heard story of Johnson Valley like it was the holy grail to the off roader. I finally built a rig that could handle the terrain and made several trips out for tin benders and just meeting up with friends for some good times. It wasn't until I made it to my first KOH back in 2009 that I got hooked and knew it was going to be a yearly trip unless I was deployed. A couple years later I meet Kevin Gamble through a mutual friend(Mike Ruzicka) and was asked to be apart of his race team. From that point it was game over I had to have my own car. Not a 4400 car but at least I can get in and race and be competitive. Thank you to YUKON gear and axle, VISION wheels, RUGGED Radio's, Southbay Drive Line, General tires, Maximum transmissions, Goatbuilt, ACCUTUNE Offroad, East Coast Gear Supply and SWIFT powder coating for the amazing support! Most of all my family and friends! Thank you for the opportunity!

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