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Mike Johnson

Small team out of Orange County, Ca. Complete car and chassis were built in the garage. From wiring to axle housings. Race ready the car weighted in at 3551lbs. We run a little 4 cylinder Ecotec motor. This is also our family wheeler. When not racing the fuel cell is removed and a rear seat is installed. We are one of the OG EMC teams. We have 6 top 5 finishes at KOH, our best being 2nd place. We have some great long time partners. FOX, Milestar Tires, Lasernut, Dirty Life Wheels, Trail-Gear, Ecko Product Group, Avalon Funding, Warn, and Spidertrax. Co-Driver is Martin Castro Every Man Challenfe results 2014 2nd, 2013 3rd, 2012 4th, 2015 5th, 2018 5th, 2019 5th 2016 6th 2021 8th 2022 1st Overall Co-Driver

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