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Jeren Gunter

Drivers Bio: 
Sponsors are World class property management inc. The best vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe. Raceline wheels, and rugged radios, warn, yukon gear, psc, and vital signs of carson city. The car was built by Phil Licciardi at Liberty Mountain Fab. I have been rock crawling since I got out of the navy back in 2000 up in Northern CA. I got into desert racing last year 2015 racing class 10 and I am looking forward to putting the two together. My wife Heidi Gunter is the best because she always supports our racing. Our son was born on Nov 21st 2015 and that is who our race team is named after Jaxon Daniel Gunter, of Jax Daniel racing. I can't wait for him to get into his first race car. We have lived in the NV side of South lake Tahoe for the past 8 years

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