Mike Nappi

Drivers Bio: 
Mike first participated in the King of the Hammers as a spectator in 2010. He was so enamored by the race that he used his skills as a certified mechanic and position as the owner of Rocky Mountain Backroad 4x4 in Colorado to build his own Ultra4 racecar. He also built several other chassis for customers. The car was finished and Mike was ready to try to qualify for KOH in 2011. Driven in the LCQ by his friend who had helped him over the past year, his car, #4490 failed to qualify by only a couple of seconds. Undaunted, Mike got behind the wheel in 2012, qualified at the LCQ with only seconds to spare and finally realized his goal and raced in the King of the Hammers. He failed to finish the race however, when he lost his 10th place position and joined the chaos by double-flipping his car on “Wrecking Ball”. In 2013, starting the race 5 minutes back, he finally met his long standing dream and, by driving somewhat conservatively, finished KOH in 25th place. The past year has presented many challenges for this determined and talented driver/mechanic/builder. He had to relocate his business, RMB 4x4. Even with the time and financial limitations this move caused, through hard work, passion and perseverance Mike joins this year’s race prequalified with a simple goal: to finish the race before the sun goes down.

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