pip Justice

Drivers Bio: 
Aussi born and breed from down south in victoria. started competition 2006 rock crawling ozrock, werock series and Tuff truck. our team from australia has enjoyed much success inc three years running australian Tuff truck champions 2018 crossed the pond to spectate KOH and ended up meeting the Wicks Family Racing and Rufus Racing crew. Not knowing anybody our team found a camp fire,found there spanners and went to work helping where we could. 2019 Eric wicks from WFR offered us a part drive in there 4800 truck, what an experience, but sadly ended in a dnf. little did we know this would be just the begining. 2019 Zandy willems of Rufus Racing offered our team a driving position under the Rufus racing flag. So back and forth we flew Australia to Texas until purchasing #85 4400 truck from Darrell gray. This truck also previously owned and raced by Loren Healy in 2014 taking the title of king at hammers. The team managed a respectable 14th place 2019 KOH. So with the help and generosity of WFR and Rufus Racing mr zandy willams ange, harry, Lisa supported by ECO Staff us Aussie’s at Rufus racing will keep flying across the pond to visit now family and race. We are there to have fun with freinds and family have a beer and make memories that last a lifetime. so come say G,day and lets go racing

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