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Scott LeSage

Drivers Bio: 
I bought this 2014 Non-Tubo race car in 2016, and raced the local desert series in 2017. Then entered my first Ultra4 event in 2018, wining Ridgecrest that year. Since then I have chased the Ultra4 series around the country. While this old car on 30" tires was remarkably competitive, the ever increasing level of competition and raw pace of the Ultra4 UTV class required more horsepower and larger tires. In 2021, a Kraftwerks Supercharger and 35" Maxxis tires were added and raced at Nationals. These upgrades were all part of the plan to finish in the top 10 at KOH after having finished in the top 20 the past two years. In 2022, I plan to race the Western Series, and Nationals. Hoping to build a new chassis for 2023. 2021 Results: 16th at KOH 3rd in National Championship 4th in Western Championship 2020 Results: 12th at KOH 2nd at Tennessee 3rd in National Championship 2019 Results: 2nd at Ridgecrest 3rd in Western Championship 4th in National Championship 2018: 1st at Ridgecrest

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