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Cody Waggoner

Drivers Bio: 
Cody Waggoner born in Whittier, California and growing up in Yorba Linda, California from the age of 3 till he was 15 years old. He then moved to Capistrano Beach, California where he still resides today! Cody is our conservative and smooth driver! His first rig was a 1971 CJ-5 Jeep which he still owns today. When Cody was watching qualifying for a race he said “I can do that” and he was hooked instantly. Cody started out racing in 2001 at the first Rock Crawling Event in La Cruces, New Mexico which he continued till 2009. Cody remembers the highlight in competing with Frank Currie! After a brief break he jumped right back in 2014. His love for the KOH is that only a hand few of people have ever completed it and building the rig brings the love of innovation he has!

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