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For first time drivers without a user account, please set up an account first. Set up HERE.

How To Register
All drivers must login to register. If you've raced with us in the past, you already have a driver profile, go to login and simply click on "request new password" with the username or email address you used.  
  • Once logged in, select the race from the schedule
  • Select "racer" tab
  • Select your class

The process is straight forward. If you have any questions registering, please email us at 

ULTRA4 Rulebook

Building your own ULTRA4, Stock Modified, Stock, Legends, or UTV? REad the rules before you start your build. All safety rules must be followed by all classes.

Download the ULTRA4 Rule Book. – Updated 12/01/2019 – updates are highlighted in RED.

Spidertrax Stock – 4600 - 8.3

Yukon Gear and Axle Modified – 4500 - 8.4

Branik Motorsports Legends – 4800 - 8.5 

UTV Drivers - 4900 - 8.6:  

Download the document “How to pass Ultra4 Chassis and Tech Inspection”

Ultra4 Chassis & Tech Sheet can be viewed here.

Should you have specific technical questions, please email our tech inspector at

Important Info to know before racing with us.

Every ULTRA4 4400 race is a qualifying event with the top 10 non-qualified drivers from each event  (20 from KOH) earning their chance to compete in next year's King of the Hammers race.
HANS Devices
ULTRA4 is requiring SFI Rated Head and Neck Restraints for all Classes. Please click here for a list of SFI approved devices. Drivers with any questions regarding this requirement can email
USAC Insurance
USAC Insurance is required for ALL classes. Please visit to pay for your insurance. An annual license covers all races in a calendar year plus your tech fee. If you sign up for a single use license, you will owe a tech fee at your first race. 

One UTV Class
 This class will race for a purse at all races throughout the season. Entry fees for KOH have been kept the same as last year’s Pro price and entry fees throughout the season will be lower.

Guaranteed Purse for 4500, 4600 and UTV Classes at EVERY Regional Race
The 4500, 4600  and UTV Classes will have a guaranteed $1000 purse payable to 3rd at all regional races, or 30% of entry fee whichever is more. The 4800 legends class will remain a trophy class. 4400 Purs  $10,000 per regional race payable to 3rd.

Guaranteed Series Purse for ALL Classes
All classes will have an East Coast and West Coast Series purse. This purse will be 30% of entry fees for the season and payable to 10th place for each class including legends class.

Reduced Fees for Drivers Committed to Racing the series:  

For 2020, we're still doing "Series Pricing" but we're doing it a little differently! All races (KOH and Series races) will have a single price regardless of if you intend to race the series or not. If you pay for and race at least 3 series races in addition to King of the Hammers, your 2020 Nationals registration will be comped.