King Of The Motos Newsletter To Racers #2 2018
Qualifying on Saturday 2/3 - Racing on Thursday 2/84600 Pro Comp Qualifying and Randomized Start Order
List Updated as of 1/29/2018  Any additional shootout contestants will start at the top. 
List updated as of 1/29/2018. Those that register post 1/9/2018 will start at the top of the qualifying on Tuesday 2/6/2018
Updated as of 1/29/2018 - Those that paid for qualifying will qualify in top order on Saturday 2/3. Those that did not pay are randomized below and will start in that order on Wednesday behind those that qualify. 
Updated as of 1/29/2018 - those that paid to qualify will qualify for start position on Saturday 2/3/2018. The rest is the randomized start order behind 4500s and 4800s