BFG Racing 2014 KOH Letter

BFG Racing
TO:                              BFGoodrich® Tires Race Teams
FROM:                        Nate Hunt
DATE:                         January 1, 2014

SUBJECT:                 BFGoodrich®  King of the Hammers

Greetings everyone! BFGoodrich® will once again support the Griffin King of the Hammers event with 1 full pit at main pit.  It will be the BFGoodrich tractor trailer located in the main pit area. This will be the only letter you’ll receive regarding our plans and schedule; however, we will give you updates at the Mandatory Pit meeting on Thursday, February 6 at the BFGoodrich tractor trailer at Noon. We request that you pass this information along to the appropriate people within your race program and make plans to receive additional updates at the pit meeting.  YOU MUST FAX or E-MAIL PIT REGISTRATION FORM BACK and attend the pit meeting!

Contingency of $5,000 for 1st place (the new "King" of the Hammers)

Tires available for 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers are as follows:

  • 37" and 39" KRT-B
  • 37" - 39" - 42" Krawler (red label – non DOT)
  • 35" – 37" - 39" – 42" Krawler (blue label – DOT approved)

Enclosed please find: (1) BFG schedule for pit meeting and pit exchange. (2) Pit Registration Form.

Please review this information closely.






Monday Feb 3 Afternoon Tractor-trailer set up open for tire work
Tuesday Feb 4 9am-6pm Tractor-trailer open for tire work
Wednesday Feb 5 Tractor trailer open for tire work
Thursday Feb 6 Tractor trailer open for tire work


BFG Pit Meeting at BFGoodrich Tractor trailer
Friday Feb 7 Race Day
Saturday Feb 8 8:00 to 9:00 AM Reclaim spares at BFG T/T

Guidelines for BFGoodrich® Pit Support Program:

  1. You must have someone present at our pit meeting (see schedule above).
  2. Each team must make their own arrangement for fuel drop off and pick up in secure containers
  3. All your spare tires and parts must be marked with your vehicle race number.
  4. You may retrieve your spares at each pit location or at the BFGoodrich Tractor trailer Saturday between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00.
  5. In order to pit with BFGoodrich®, you must be running BFGoodrich tires exclusively during this race
  6. Please check the fuel filler on your race vehicle to ensure they are 3” outside diameter and that it sticks out a minimum of 1-1/2 inches (longer is fine). If this is not the case, please make adjustments prior to this race.
  7. Please mark your wheels with your lug nut size. This will allow us to expedite tire changes.

Click here to download the Pit Registration Form and Pit Letter 2014 KOH pit letter