PAC Racing Suspension Springs Launched for 2011 and Tested Tough for a finish at the Ultimate Off-road Race of the year

PAC Racing Springs: An industry leading manufacturer of Valve Springs have successfully launched its Suspension Spring Line-up with the completion of the 2011 Ultra 4 Series "King of the Hammers Race". The PAC Racing Springs sponsored truck #4418 of Mike Colville and Motorcity Machines successfully completed the 120 mile race on Feb 11th 2011.  This race is a "Mixed Martial Arts" style race of the most brutal rock crawling and large expanses of desert racing.  It is coming to be known as the most abusive style of off-road racing with well over a 50% vehicle attrition rate.  Well over 150 race prepped vehicles tried to qualify with only 100 getting into the show.  The PAC Racing 4418 of Mike Colville finished an impressive race on a brand new vehicle with Experimental PAC Racing Suspension Springs, Sway Bars, Valve Springs, and other components. Thanks to the team on making this race memorable, and congrats on the awesome finish!

Stayed tuned with PAC Racing Springs as we continue to forge ahead with an expansive new product line-up for suspension springs. Also stayed tuned as we re-introduce for the latest in spring technology and products all MADE IN THE USA. "What else would you put between you and the ground?"


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