"State of the City" from Hammertown Mayor

by Jeff Knoll on Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 7:52am:Today we have our BLM course marking inspection. We are behind about two days worth of work due to wind. Our hard working crews of retired guys are just about worn out, so we will see if we pass inspection today as we still have two large spectator areas to mark out. The Chocolate Thunder Spectator areas used a full half a mile of ribbon.  We still have tents to build and pits to lay out, but we are doing our best to get them finished. Thankfully wind was light yesterday.  No rain in the forecast.  Weather looks pretty nice.

With any luck the Calvary will show up and help us finish up the course markers in time for pre running. Mark Matthews, Danny Grimes and Stacy, My Mom and Dad have all pretty much worked their fingers to the bone, so make sure you take it easy on them when you have a problem.

Please reserve camping to the west of the downtown Hammertown area to staff and volunteers, we are already having that area see campers who are not volunteers.

by Jeff Knoll on Monday, January 31, 2011 at 9:23am:The winds of change are blowing across Means dry lake, and they are brisk. After three days of Course marking we finished up the KOH and LCQ courses less the area in Hammertown. Three teams in Kawasaki Teryx made short work of the 60 mile course. One team was able to get a jump on pre running following course markers over the weekend without the need for a GPS down load. Today we started layout of Hammertown as the weekend traffic has left the lakebed to just a handful of coyotes, and crows. Hammertown Construction Crew of workers are disappointed that the silence of the lakebed cannot be enjoyed due to the high winds we are experiencing making our work a bit more difficult.

The weekend crowd was out doing recon for a safe spectator area with a number of day trippers out checking in on our course markers for a plan on where to watch the big race. A number of locals have also stopped in to inquire about the King of all Johnson Valley events. Big top construction is scheduled for tomorrow, but is suspect at best due to the high winds. Tent Construction may be delayed for a couple days to anticipate safe construction. We will keep you informed.

We have held off marking the spectator areas due to the massive winds, but hope to have them in place for our BLM inspection on Thursday. Dave Cole will attend a BLM logistics meeting with our LEO, Marines, Security, Towing, Safety, and EMS leadership on Tuesday to iron out the final details of the event. Look for a strong LEO and Marine presence at KOH this year.

Now a request: The east side of Boone road coming in is a mess. The trash is a disappointment. Campers staying near the bridge have left trash blow out of their camps and collect in the brush on the east side. If you plan on camping in the Hammertown Suburbs please take a moment of your week here and pick up a bag of trash. If we all do a small part we can keep Hammertown Clean.

The 10 Day weather calls for clear skies, hopefully the wind will die down and we can get everything ready for your visit.

by Jeff Knoll on Saturday, January 29, 2011 at 8:11am: Good Morning from Hammertown. Yesterday we caught back up to schedule thanks to the hard work of my Dad, and Danny Grimes. First 15 miles of course is marked if you can find mile marker 1 you can get a jump on Pre running.

Weather tonight 30% chance of showers 55% humidity, high today 61 degrees low 37 degrees overnight, and currently 34 degress with a warming trend. winds from the southwest 8 mph. Clear and amazing this morning for sunrise. Today we will continue course marking on the Main race course.

A few last minute testers and tuners on the lakebed this morning.

Course marking is going much better this year since we have dialed in a method to mark the course using the Kawasaki Teryx's. today we increase our marking staff, and hope to make a big dent in course markers. If you are planning at pre running please be advised we are on the course, and do not run us over.