What You Need to Know About KOM 2020

King of the Motos 2020


Welcome to King of the Motos 2020. Here is everything you need to know about getting the best experience possible as a competitor and spectator. KoM is going to be held on Saturday February 8th 2020, the final day of the King of the Hammers. As a racer, you will get to enjoy a world class course put on by a world class team. This year's course promises to test your mental, physical, and mechanical fortitude. This whole new format will give every racer from Amateur to Pro a fun challenging day of racing. Racing will start early in the morning and continue throughout the day, promising to give spectators many viewing oportunities and times. Spectators can get maps and the schedule in Hammertown at a location to be announced closer to the event.

The Race:

The morning will start out with the Prologue based near Hammertown and will set the starting line order for the main race. The main race will start near Hammertown and loop around the mountains getting tougher as the course goes. The three lap format will provide Amateurs to Pros a challenging course that will get progressively harder as the laps go. Find the full race format details in the Race Format section.


The King of the Motos course is GPS based. This year's course takes out the guesswork when using the GPS. Dangerous or possibly confusing sections will be marked accordingly. The racer MUST know how to use their GPS!!! It is another racing skill to master to be successful at KoM. GPS is necessary here in Johnson Valley due to the expanse of area being utilized! Find the full details in the GPS Section.

Event Schedule:

Nov 25th 2019 - January 25th 2020 - Registration

Feb 6th and Feb 7th – On-Site sign up from 8 AM to 5 PM

Feb 7th from 2 PM to 5 PM - GPS track download On Site

Feb 7th 6 PM – Mandatory Rider meeting

Feb 8 7:30 AM - Prologue staging

8:00:00 - 1st pro rider out

8:15:00 - 1st Amateur rider out

10:30 - Main race staging

11:00 - Main race start

5:00 PM - Race course close

6:00 PM - Podium

Event Registration/Classes

Registering for King of the Motos will be through the Ultra4 website.  Registration will open Monday, November 25th at 8am MST. Register HERE!!!! 


This year we are going to have four classes - Pro, Amateur, Women, and District 37. District 37 members will pick one of the three other classes to compete in in addition to District 37. The best finisher of all of the District 37 competitors (regardless of competition class) will get a separate District 37 trophy. District 37 members must provide proof of their membership on site in order to compete in this additional trophy class.

This year's race is going to be AMA, and membership is required. If you are an existing AMA member or purchase AMA membership (either annual or single-day) prior to registering online, you will receive a 10% discount on your class race fee (must put in your AMA number on registration form). AMA membership will be verified on the Lakebed by riders showing their AMA membership card. If AMA membership can not be verified, the rider will pay the 10% amount back and need to obtain AMA membership on site.

Day passes for AMA will be available for sale during registration, but it is strongly suggested to take care of this before the deadline to speed up registration.

If AMA membership is obtained on-site, no discount will apply.

AMA Membership can be obtained HERE

Registration Prices: 

  • Pro $495 (Purse $ to be announced)
  • Amateur $250 (Trophy class)
  • Women’s class $250 (Trophy class)
  • All racers in all classes will be required to rent and use a YellowBrick tracker for $125. This will allow event coordinators to know precisely where every rider is at any given time for both safety and accountability reasons. 
  • A trophy will also be awarded to the highest finishing “District 37” finisher

All classes will have the same course to compete on with the same opportunities to win the overall. See Race Format.

The Prologue will start in the same order of Registration/class. The Pro Class will be the first to line up and start the Prologue in order of registration. The Amateur and Women classes will follow in order of their registration.

Prologue (Race 1) Staging 7:30 AM-Start 8:00 AM

The prologue will begin at 8 AM. Riders will be lined up in the order they registered / race number, each rider will start at intervals of 15 seconds. Any racer not on time will start behind their class for the prologue, and any racer that does not race the prologue will line up on the last row for Race 2. The racer will complete the course set up for the prologue within a time limit. Any rider not finished within the allowed time will return to the pit to stage for the next race on time. Riders that did not finish the prologue lap will start the next race after the riders that qualified, in the order that they started the prologue. We are considering prologue time between 4 minutes for top pro to 15 minutes to the last amateur. All riders proceed back to the pit to prepare for start of Bronze Lap (Race 2).

Bronze Lap (Race 2) Staging 10:30 AM-Start 11 AM

Bronze Lap (aka Race 2) will start at 11 AM. Riders line up in the order in which they qualified during the Prologue, starting at 10:30 AM. Bronze Lap is going to be difficult but not impossible for an amateur racer. In order to qualify for the Silver lap (Race 3), a rider should cross the finish line before 1pm. Those racers not crossing the finish line by 1 PM can continue until they finish the lap or until timed out*. Bronze Lap finishers will be awarded a bronze finish medal and be finished for the day. Those finishing within the time limit are allowed to start the Silver Lap immediately, going through the pit and continuing onto the Silver Lap.

Silver Lap (Race 3)

Silver Lap (aka Race 3) will start right after the racer finishes the Bronze Lap. The racer cannot start the Silver Lap after 1 PM, but will be considered a finisher of the Bronze Lap and receive a Bronze finish medal. Racers starting the Silver Lap before 1 PM will be allowed to stop in the pit, and re-enter the course at the racer's discretion providing for the safety of other racers. Silver Lap will be run on the course of the Bronze Lap with additional, more difficult sections. The terrain will be difficult for Amateurs and difficult but not impossible for Professional racers. In order to qualify to the Gold lap (Race 4), a rider will need to cross the finish line before 3pm. Those racers not crossing the finish line by 3 PM can continue until they finish the lap or until timed out*. Silver Lap finishers will be awarded a Silver finish medal and be finished for the day. Those finishing within the time are allowed to start the Gold Lap immediately, going through the pit and continuing onto the Gold Lap.

Gold Lap (Race 4)

Gold Lap (aka Race 4) will start right after the racer finishes the Silver Lap. The racer cannot start the Gold Lap after 3 PM, but will be considered a finisher of the Silver Lap and receive a Silver finish medal. Racers starting the Gold Lap before 3 PM will be allowed to stop in the pit, and re-enter the course at the racer's discretion providing for the safety of other racers. The Gold Lap will be run on the course of the Silver Lap plus additional extreme sections. Terrain will be very difficult/impossible for Amateurs and very difficult for Professional racers. In order to complete the race, a rider will need to cross the finish line before 5 PM. Those racers not crossing the finish line by 5 PM will be timed out*. Gold Lap finishers will be awarded a Gold finish medal.

*Timed out- Any rider will be timed out when they reach a checkpoint at or after 5PM. Riders should return to Hammertown as per instruction of the check point marshal. Timed out riders will be scored on the lap they finished, followed by the checkpoint they reached.

What to do after?

What to do after the race? Many races you attend are just over -- not King of the Motos. If you are done racing for the day, go watch the guys still on the track on the jumbotron in Hammertown or at one of the spectator areas. Then, being part of King of the Hammers, we motos racers are promised an after party you won’t forget! Stick around and enjoy the festivities!


The winner of KOM 2020 will the competitor that completes all the laps of the race the fastest. Simple as that. Bronze, Silver, and Gold laps are scored on absolute time. Registering as soon as it opens is of utmost importance, getting a good starting position for the prologue. Your qualifying time in the Prologue decides your starting position for the main race, thus making a good clean prologue is a priority. Race 2 will start in rows of riders 1 minute apart -- should be about 10 minutes from start of first row to last row.

Technical Notes

Motorcycle rules and regulations:

All motorcycles will be race ready machines without any technical unsafe issues. All race vehicles will have to pass the 96 dba test at Motorcycle tech. Race numbers will be distributed at sign ups, and will be displayed on the front and left number plates. Your race number will be determined in the order you register.


No outside assistance will be permitted. Racers can help other racers on the course as long as they have not finished or timed out. Any work done to the motorcycle will be done by the racer or racers not finished or timed out.

The course will be difficult, progressing in difficulty as the day proceeds. Checkpoints will be clearly marked on the course and on the GPS. No passing in the checkpoints! Number plates will be marked in the checkpoints -- it is the competitors responsibility to hit all the checkpoints and get marked! The GPS track log will be the deciding factor in any dispute! Make sure you know how to use your GPS and log your track!

There will be no mid-lap gas or pit stop. Pits will be in Hammer Town near the start of each lap.


Pits will be in Hammer Town near the start of each lap. Teams will set up on the east side of the fence away from the race course. Riders will be permitted to get tools, parts, etc. from the teams, but no team member other than the rider will touch the race vehicle or be on the race course side of the fence. ANY infraction will be an automatic DQ!

GPS appendix


  • Tracks will be marked mainly with GPS routes, with just little physical arrows or guiding marshals.

  • We will have tracks for loading right at the sign up / Tech area

  • A good GPS mount is essential - be sure to buy one in advance

  • Rider must stay within GPS track, with max deviation of 50 feet

  • All 3 tracks (marked as Bronze, Silver and Gold) will be loaded to the competitor GPS the day before the race at the registration desk / Tech. Up to 2 GPS units are allowed per rider

  • We will delete ALL data from competitors handed-in GPS (including old recordings and maps). Be sure to make a backup before you give us your GPS.

  • Learn how to activate the "Track recording/Track log/TrackBack" in your GPS before arriving to Hammertown. It is the competitor's responsibility to make sure that their GPS records during the race. Competitors will get large time penalties for not having a recording unit. Check the manual of your GPS so you know how to check this setting. When a rider finishes his race, the organizer may take the unit for track and CP’s verification.

  • If a rider gets lost (leaves the race track) he must re-enter the GPS track using the same route to avoid time penalties.

  • Absolutely no pre-running is allowed on the race area - pre-running will lead to immediate DQ. If you want to test your bike, please ask at the registration desk for the designated practice area and GPS track.


  • Failure to record track - Up to 1 hour penalty (which can lead to DQ if time limit has been met with penalty)

  • Re-entering track by making cuts / taking shortcuts - minimum of 1 hour penalty and up to DQ

  • “Local” track deviation of more than 50 feet and gaining advantage by either avoiding obstacle or making up time - 30 minute penalty

  • Missing virtual or physical CP, 1 hour penalty for each missing CP

  • Failure to hand over GPS at the finish line if requested will result in a minimum of a 2 hour penalty

Tips for GPS use and navigation

  • Running GPS with full backlight on helps reading the track with direct sunlight. However, it will consume a lot of power. We STRONGLY recommend the use of Lithium (non rechargeable) batteries, and carrying extra batteries with you or hardwiring the unit to the bike battery.

  • Running 2 units is better than 1. Besides the obvious backup unit, the rider can use one unit at “zoom in” and one unit “zoom out”, allowing quick recovery in case of exiting track.

  • Touch screens are not recommended for off road - every time you clean the screen from dust, rain or mud, the track moves and requires time and button press to bring it back on.

  • Learn how to switch on and off tracks view and how to load new tracks. You will need to do that again every loop.

Allowed GPS devices

Please note - New suitable models are added each year, if your GPS is not on the list please send an email to ask if we can accept this specific model.


  • Colorado Series: 300, 400c, 400i, 400t

  • Dakota Series: 10, 20

  • eTrex Series: Touch 25, 35, 20, 20x, 30, 30x

  • GPSMap Series: 60, 60 C, 60 CSX, 60 CX, 62, 62 S, 62 SC, 62 ST, 62 STC, 64, 64 S, 64ST, 76 C, 76 CS, 76 CSX, 76 CX, 78, 78 S, 78 SC, 276 C, 376 C, 378, 478

  • Montana Series: 600, 610, 650, 650 T, 680

  • Oregon Series: 400 C, 400 i, 400 T, 450, 450 T, 550, 550 T, 600, 600 T, 650, 650 T, 700, 750


  • Voyager and Voyager Pro unit with GPX file loaded on micro SD card.

We look forward to the exciting return of King of the Motos to the King of the Hammers Race Week lineup in 2020. If you have any questions regarding any of the aforementioned, please contact Justin Leineweber at JustinLeineweber@peoplepc.com